NØJY Station

GridGrid Square EM12dl - Hood County - Granbury, TX

The N0JY/KD5FCQ station with Yaesu FT736R VHF/UHF/satellite rig, FT-817 for additional satellite modes, Yaesu G-5400B az-el rotator, Flex 1500 for satellite transverters.  Yaesu FTdx5000MP HF rig, Vibroplex Vibrokeyer Deluxe, Alpha 8410 80-10 meter amplifier, LP-100A RF wattmeter, Heil GM-4 microphone, W2IHY equalizer and noise gate, W2IHY iplus.   Icom ID-880H for D-STAR and terrestrial FM repeaters.  An ADI AR146 and WXTrak handle the weather packet radio connection from the Peet Bros Ultimeter 2100.  The HAL ST-5000 runs the model 15 teletype (not seen).  Digital including Winlink 2000 use SCS DR-7800, AEA PK-96, AEA DSP-2232, AEA Timewave PK-12, Kantronics KPC-3 Plus TNCs.  See the sub-menus under Station in the navigation bar to view more specifics on equipment for each station (I'm currently in the process of updating them, so not all are there yet).

The station/software development/gaming PC (Chloe) is home built with AMD Phenom II 940BE, 1200GB RAID 10 (4x640GB) hard drive array, Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon HD5770 video, Comtrol Rocketport 8 port serial card (great for ham radio stations!)  The weather PC (Debbie) is a home built AMD Sempron 140 with Boltek Storm Tracker running Aninoquisi Lightning 2000 and Ambient Virtual Weather Station and also handles the RMS Packet Gateway.  All powered through 4 APC UPSs.  

The desk is solid oak made to order by Roy Reynolds KZ5RR, from my design.

NØJY Shack Cam Still Picture

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