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NØJY Antennas

The satellite antennas, Cushcraft 20 element V band antenna set for right hand circular polarization with a Landwehr preamp; homebrew 31 turn right hand circular polarization helix (modeled after the VE3NPC array design, click here for the PDF) with an SSB Electronics UTM 1200 DLX 15 watt upconverter for L band; KLM 40 element U band antenna with switchable polarization and an SSB Electronics SP-7000 preamp; K5GNA modified downconverter with BBQ dish for S band with a homebrew RHCP patch feed.  The 2m/70cm antennas share a common LMR-600 feedline using diplexers at each end.  The feeds are switched at the shack through an arrangement of relays and diplexers in order to achieve various satellite uplink/downlink modes.  Click here to download a PowerPoint presentation of the switching arrangement in Office 2007 format, or here to download it in Office 2003 format.

Another look at the satellite antennas. Yes, they're in the attic! I specifically had the architect design an area in the attic at our new QTH to hold these antennas and clear the walls and ceiling at any az/el position. The house is encapsulated in foam insulation, so there is no metal between the antennas and the outside. Just a bit of wood and shingles.

RMS Packet gateway antenna, a KB9VBR j-pole.

A Cushcraft Ringo Ranger II for the packet weather station and Comet GP-6 for 2m/70cm FM are hidden in here too!

The antennas do very well from the attic, the insulation has very little (no noticeable) effect on the frequencies up to 450 MHz.  I can work repeaters as well as if they were mounted outside at the same height.  Repeaters 50 miles away are no problem with 5 watts from the FT-817!